bags & wallets

In this category you’ll find bags and wallets in stylish and practical designs. We offer several different models and sizes, so regardless of what you’re looking for you’ll find it here. Use the bags for work, for play, or simply to get groceries. Find a bag that fits an outfit or a timeless classic – the bags available at Nordic Design Collective are designed to be as functional as they are stylish.

Bags & Wallets Scandinavian Style

As far as fashion is concerned, the bag is truly a best friend. You can use one anywhere and everywhere, for work or for play. You can carry books and other academic material, you can carry your laptop and files, or you can bundle party stuff to take to out on a weekend. The ubiquitous bag is versatile and functional, not to mention a hot fashion statement as well. In this category you will find bags that will suit every mood, every occasion, and even changing weather. Some of our designers also work with disadvantaged minority groups to produce their bags, making your bag purchase an ethical choice.

Carry a Bag Everywhere

Our amazing designers have designed a selection of bags that you simply can’t be without. Our collection includes materials from leather to cloth to canvas. Each model serves a particular purpose, but can be used for dual purposes as well. There are several clever combinations in our selection, such as a bike bag that holds a matching handbag, something which makes your bike commute considerably more comfortable while also protecting your bag.

One bag – multiple uses

The design and function of our bags intend to make your life simple and smooth. You will find that each bag is lined and has different-sized pockets and sections to accommodate a variety of things. Whether it is stationery or make up, it will all fit in our amazing bags. Carrying money is no problem in our secure bags. There are specially designed pockets that can hold your notes as well as coins.

Touch of Class

The bags available at Nordic Design Collective are not only functional and solidly crafted; they are also steeped in style. There are rich leather bags that can match your formal wear. There are canvas bags that will be an ideal companion for casual wear. Whatever bag you choose, it will be strong, solid and exude style.