If you are looking for elegant, unique and well-designed clothes to help spruce up your wardrobe then you have come to the right place. The carefully selected Scandinavian independent designers at Nordic Design Collective may have created just what you are looking for. Here you will find t-shirts, beanies, gloves, mittens, jumpers, blouses, hats and kimonos, lovingly hand crafted in beautiful designs. These clothes also make ideal gifts for friends and relatives.

Clothes in unique designs

Whether you are looking for clothes to keep you warm throughout grey autumns and damp winters or something bright and breezy to shield you from the summer sun, this is where you’ll find it. At Nordic Design Collective we work with gifted Scandinavian designers to offer you a variety of hand-made products in elegant designs and high quality materials. These clothes will not only be a great addition to your wardrobe; if you look after these products properly, they will last for a long time. Since they are only produced in small numbers, you will be sure to acquire something unique.

Nordic design for cold temperatures

Our Nordic designers know what it takes to stay warm in cold temperatures. Therefore, you’ll find our selection of beanies and mittens to be not only stylish but highly practical as well. Here at Nordic Design Collective, you’ll find, among other things, knitted woollen beanies in a variety of colours, in timeless designs that will not go out of style. These beanies will keep your head nice and warm – the perfect accessories for autumn and winter. Here you’ll also find hand crafted mittens that keep your hands and wrists warm whilst allowing you to keep your fingers and thumbs absolutely free, allowing you to use your hands for whatever you need to do while still staying warm and cosy.

Scandinavian cool in summer

Scandinavian design is not only good for winter – in this category you will also find plenty of light, comfortable clothing, appropriate for warmer temperatures and just as timelessly elegant on the beach as at a restaurant. Browse through our selection of kimonos, T-shirts and other items made from high quality fabrics, in exquisite colours and prints. Many prints are available also as posters, and you can easily match the clothes with accessories from the same designer. Make your outfit into a work of art.