Graphical posters

In this category you will find an exquisite collection of graphic posters to add a splash of personal style and statement to your walls. Select from eclectic styles that include Scandinavian prints, geometric patterns, and even Japanese illustrations.

Graphic Posters: Unique Designs

At Nordic Design Collective we believe that the posters you choose make a statement about your style: from childhood, when you probably had action figures and your favourite cartoons on your walls, to the teenage years, when you had posters of pop stars; to adulthood, when you went for something more artistic and inspirational.

Now you can once again express your true personality with a range of exclusive posters that are available in this category.

One Poster Says It All

In modern decor, posters aren’t just for the young. Prints can actually work wonders with your home decor and give your walls a fresh coat of personality.

The vast collection of posters available in this category caters to a wide variety of tastes and styles. If there is one word we would use to describe the collection, it would be eclectic. There are posters that pay homage to Andy Warhol, with face prints appearing in various colours. Then there are single images, such as a magnet, the up arrow, the ‘&’ symbol appearing against a white background – minimalism at its most accomplished.

For the more artistically inclined, there are lush Scandinavian motifs drawn with crystal-clear resolution. You will find floral patterns and exotic geometric patterns that are eye-catching in their simplicity and execution.

Any talk about posters would be incomplete without a nod to Japanese illustrations. In this category you’ll also find colourful and imaginative posters consisting of traditional Asian symbols, but with a fresh twist. The time has come to dig into our exquisite collection of graphic posters and choose one that perfectly fits your style and reflects your own personal take on life.