ear cuff by Anna Siivonen

I want my items to amuse and provoke feelings. I strive for something unexpected when I design, a new take on a motive, or maybe a solution that isn’t common, a combination of things that are unusual…. while still being comfortable to wear.

I got a special love for animals, fairy tales, and surreal art. I want my items to amuse and provoke feelings. In a way my designs are simple and rustic, not much bling or color. I prefer to let the shapes be pure and maybe a bit masculine. But I still like details, so if I sculpt a puppy dog I try to capture details like paws and wrinkles on it´s belly.

The god thing about being a self employed designer is that I can go a bit crazy without being interrupted. I can create things I find fun and don’t have to dilute my inspiration to make it mainstream. I won’t sell hundreds of a design, but the ones that I do sell are treasured.

ear cuff

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