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What is typical for Sweden and for us Swedes? Red summer cottages, dala horses, kurbits, elks, midsummer, blueberries, lingonberries, vikingships......and in the middle of it all - coffee breaks. Because what Swedes really like is a coffee break! The company was established 2012 and is managed by My Floryd Welin. My creates products with a visible, graphical and colourfull design. All creation has a connection to Sweden and Swedish traditions. In the product range there are trays, coasters, traytables, towels, potstands, stools, posters and postcards. All products are produced in Sweden. We design products for any purpose and client.

I was born the 2nd of December 1984 in Nacka just
outside Stockholm. Since that day I´vbe been destined to work with design and creative work. In 2012 I got my degree in Packagage Developement and Design at Nackademin in Stockholm. Included in my studies was 20 weeks of practise at an advertising agency in Stockholm and at a wellknown design company, Färg & Form Sweden. They design och market design products with a very Nordic designlanguage. When practising at Färg& Form, I made a lot of designsuggestions where all products had a clear connection to Sweden. Some of these suggestions where later produced, as for example a dishcloth and different coasters which were sold to a couple of Stockholm gift shops. I´ve done most of the marketing myself and I have now around 20 distributors in and outside of Sweden. Before my designstudies I have studied ceramic design, graphical communication, mediaproduction and I have a 3 year high school diploma based on art and design. From 2006 I´ve been working in a gift shop where I`ve been responsible for marketing etc.
My studies and work experience have given me a broad knowledge of graphical and package design,
marketing, sales etc. Besides this I have a family with a husband and 2 children and like to spend time with them when I´m not working.

I'm on vacation between 27/3-11/4. Between these dates sent no orders. I will send the goods as soon as I'm back. Kind regards /My

Postcard coasters

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