bangles and bracelets by Opium Jewelry

Opium Jewelry consists of handcrafted pieces designed and made by Hanna Wilhelmi. With a simple and yet playful expression Opium Jewelry is constantly trying to work with new details to create the contrast between hard and soft, dark and light, rough and shiny.

In March of 2014 I founded Opium Jewelry as people where starting to ask for the pieces a had made in my miniature studio in my kitchen. And I saw that there was a big interest in my pieces.

I have always been building and creating things and I have now found a place where I feel at home with a heavy hammer, fire and sharp tools. I never stop getting fascinated by how you can change the color and texture of something that seem so strong and solid as metall.

All pieces "inherit" the name of the first one to buy or wear the piece. As a thank you for the support.

bangles and bracelets

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