OHM by Ove Rahm

Ove Rahm is an Linköping-based spare time photographer. His photography is often about trying to catch little stories or emotions. The favourite environment is city districts from the former part of the 20th century. Between times he also visits the natural world for variety and to enjoy the silence.

Images and photography is a large part of my spare time. In the search for the right emotion in my pictures I use everything between pinhole cameras and SLR-cameras depending on what I feel is suitable for the environment or if I search for a specific expression. I work almost exclusively in black and white. My base is Linköping and most of my work is made here or in nearby cities.

In my photographic work I try to catch emotions or little stories. I do not have any specific favourite motifs, when I find something that touches me I try to capture it. City districts from the former part of the 20th century are my most common photographic environment but I also seek the nature.


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