Solid by Sägen

Welcome to Sägen, the leading manufacturer of porcelain jewellery in Sweden. Our jewellery are primary made of well known Scandinavian porcelain patterns from the 1950's and forward, but there are also other exciting materials. They're set in silver, brass or steel, soulfully made by hand and unique - just like you!

At a summer vacation on Gotland, 2006, Elin Sigrén got an idea. During the day she had learnt how to grind stones. When she came home, she took a look in her father's garage and found a grind machine and a heap of old porcelain...

Elin founded Sägen AB 2007. Since then the company has grew with good speed. Sägen jewellery has over a hundred of resellers in Sweden and a number of them in the rest of the world, for an example in USA and Japan.

The name of the company, "Sägen", comes from Elin's philosophy which says it's important to keep things that have a story to tell. It's her mission to create handmade and personally jewellery; "They make me think of all wonderful Sunday dinners at my grandma's place - a dear memory that I want to carry with me."