SKANDINAVIOUS By Louise Vilmar is a home wares company with a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. Creating products that will work over time and age beautifully is an integral part of the company philosophy and an important component of making more sustainable products. All products are manufactured in house or by select partners in Sweden and Denmark to ensure quality craftmanship.

My products are mostly made out of natural materials; partly because I love working with materials such as leather and wool felt (I really love the smell and feel of vegetable tanned leather for example) and partly because natural materials generally age well which increases product longevity.

To ensure the high quality of my products everything is manufactured in-house in Stockholm, Sweden or by select partners in the Nordic countries.

I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark but since 1998 I’ve lived elsewhere – in London, Stockholm, Boston and for a long time New York City which I love!

My background is in fashion- and textile design but I’ve done graphic design as well as rugs and even jewelry.

Louise Vilmar


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