If there is one thing children appreciate, it’s a new toy. The Scandinavian designers at Nordic Design Collective have created a selection of beautiful and well-designed toys that will help keep your children amused whilst helping them learn. The various different types of toys available make perfect gifts for your friends’ children or for any young relative.

Toys for fun and learning

Toys are very important in shaping your child’s development. Not only do toys help keep your child thoroughly entertained but they are also fundamental in providing opportunities for growth and learning. Toys can help stimulate your child’s imagination and can help them greatly when it comes to interacting with others. Learning how to socialise is an important skill that all children must learn. In other words, your child can learn an awful lot from playing with different types of toys.

Fun and stimulating toys

The talented Scandinavian designers that we work with at Nordic Design Collective are well aware of all of this and, therefore, they have designed and created a selection of toys that will not only entertain your children but will also help stimulate their imagination and improve their learning. These designers have your child’s best interest at heart.

The type of toys that can be found in this category include hand-carved rubber stamps (custom made orders are also available), a variety of different colourful and cartoon-like animal, fruit and vehicle themed stickers, mobiles for prams and buildable toys (which, for the safety of your child, have been painted using non-toxic paints). The buildable toys in particular make a great gift for a curious and creative child – there is no right or wrong way to build it, and it allows for countless imaginative interpretations.

Great gift ideas

Aside from being fun and stimulating, these toys are also beautifully designed and make nice additions to any room – even if toys aren’t really supposed to be in it! Therefore, they make great gifts for children, but also for adults who want to embrace their inner child in their interior decoration. Have a look through this category and you’ll be sure to find something you like.