blankets & throws

Here you can find blankets and throws that are both warm and gorgeous. Whether you are looking for something to decorate your living room, or something that will keep you warm on the coldest of nights, these Scandinavian blankets and throws will surely satisfy your desires. We are proud to offer these products to our customers and we are sure that you will appreciate their quality and beauty.

Blankets & Throws in cosy designs

Bring a feeling of warmth into your home with Scandinavian blankets and throws. Each one is designed with pride by one of the many artists here at Nordic Design Collective, and they are sure to make you feel wonderfully cosy on a cold wintery night.

All of the blankets and throws on offer are made to the best standards, for warmth, comfort, and design quality. Imagine for a moment that you are curling up next to a fire on a cold wintery night. Wouldn’t you preferably have some something that makes you appreciate the moment in full comfort? If you want to have the most comfortable option, then these blankets are for you.

Comfort is not the only thing that these blankets and throws embody. The designs are gorgeous, and having them slung over the arms or back of the couch can add wonderful decorative touches to your home. The fact that they are made of materials that are meant to keep you warm and snug, means that they look as soft as they feel, which adds a sense of warmth to the room that is not easily achieved. Throw a couple of them over your sofa or armchair and light a fire in the fireplace, and you are sure to enjoy the cold months to come, visually and viscerally.

These blankets and throws are made with amazing quality and the designs are fantastic. The designers are from a place where blankets are an important part of life, so you can be sure that here you will only see the best What you will get, should you choose to treat yourself to one of these wonderful blankets or throws, is a combination of artistic design and Nordic culture, and of course, plenty of warmth on a cold night.