Get inspiration from this category when you need candlesticks for your makeover plans. Or maybe you want to add drama to your living room or dining areas. Made from a variety of materials, from copper to stainless steel, you can easily find the perfect match for your home. At Nordic Design Collective, candlesticks are designed with a touch of class, and with safety always in mind.

Candlesticks in Unique Designs

Add a new glow to your home by checking out the latest collection of candlesticks offered by Nordic Design Collective. Candlesticks allow you to use candles in the safest and most creative way. With these candlesticks, you no longer have to worry about ordinary candles looking boring. When you check out the designs and the materials used in the making of Nordic Design candlesticks, you can get fresh and creative ideas on how to present your candles, and use them as effective household accents.

Use candles as home accents with metallic candlesticks

For safety reasons, modern candlesticks are typically made from metals, usually stainless steel or copper. Nordic Design Collective understands the safety concerns associated with handling candles, and so we offer some of the best-looking, metal-based candlesticks to be found anywhere. Most of our metallic candlesticks are made from copper or stainless steel, handcrafted by our independent Nordic designers. These are not your ordinary candlesticks; these products are usually available in different finishes, and come in styles and designs that can add a touch of elegance and modernity to your home. Now, you can turn any candle into a dramatic conversation piece!

Use our candles for therapeutic purposes

We also carry candlesticks made from wood, including ones made from sturdy oak. These candlesticks will appeal to homeowners and individuals who enjoy creating, since these products come with a manual that describes how to assemble the candleholders. Created by a Nordic designer who subscribes to sustainability in design, these candlesticks can help tap into your creative and artistic side. Our candlesticks can be beneficial to your health, as well. Choose our soothing scented candles and bring out your creative juices by building your own wooden candlesticks. Whatever you choose, we can provide you with candlesticks to meet your needs, whether functional or therapeutic.