vases, pots & bowls

This category will introduce you to some of the best vases, pots and bowls that are available anywhere. With some designs influenced by Nordic sensibilities, our vases, pots and bowls bring a modern and grandiose touch to your home or office. From vases and small bowls to hanging pots, you can finally make plants and flowers your creative partners in transforming the look of your home.

Vases, Pots and Bowls for Your Home

Your choice of vessels, vases and hanging pots is important. These accents and accessories can help influence the overall look and feel of your home, and can also serve as a basis for herb gardens and other plant configurations. Choose the right pots and vases, and you can confidently tap into your green thumb, and bring the beauty and bounty of nature into your home. At Nordic Design Collective your desire to transform your home and also tap into your love for nature is combined, thanks to the all the pots and vases available in different materials and designs. When you choose a Nordic Design pot or vase, you’ll make your home a friendlier and cosier place to hang out.

Bring plants and flowers in your home, today

If your home is not yet decorated with pots or vases with flowers, then now is the best time to find what you need, and appreciate their beauty and functionality. We can help you find the best vases and pots for your next home improvement project. When placed in strategic locations in your home or office, potted plants or vases with fresh flowers can help bring elegance, joy and beauty to any space. Seeing a fresh pot of gardenias, or a vase filled with blooming daisies can easily jump-start the day and change your mood for the better. Vases and pots filled with flowers and plants can also add colour to any environment, thus helping create a friendly and welcoming mood for everyone.

When you are ready to experience these benefits in your home, we invite you to browse our collection of vases and pots. All our vases and pots are designed by independent designers, created with a combination of Nordic inspiration and nature, and are products you can be proud of. Use these vases and pots as gift items, or display them inside your home.