In this category, you will find creatively designed premium bracelets that can be worn on any occasion. Whether you are looking for bracelets that can be worn on a daily basis, or bracelets that can be worn at a party, you can browse this category to find what you need. Now’s the time to impress your next date; check out the bracelets made from leather, plastic and even porcelain.

Bracelets That Define Your Style

Now is the best time to leave a lasting impression with your friends, your date or your family. Browse this category to find the appropriate bracelet for that special occasion. All bracelets offered by Nordic Design Collective are designed and handcrafted by Nordic designers with a flair for the personal, for beauty and quality.

Make a lasting impression by wearing creative bracelets

What you wear to accent your outfits and shoes will finish a well put together look, and can even give yourself a confidence boost. This is the reason why you need to pay attention to the quality of bracelets that you wear. The bracelets at Nordic Design Collective come in many different designs and materials, including cuffs and traditional bracelets. Other popular designs of bracelets are charm bracelets, bangle bracelets and leather bracelets. Each design is unique with special aesthetic details. Cuff bracelets made from metal offers a modernist look while leather bracelets are an edgy look with younger appeal.

Make every day a stylish day, with Nordic-inspired bracelets

With these Nordic-inspired bracelets and jewellery pieces, making your personal statement with style is possible every day. You can find bracelets that are just perfect, like zigzag silver bracelets and stainless steel bracelets; classy bracelets that can be worn at parties and important events; gold and chrome cuffs; and leather bracelets accentuated by porcelain motives with silver details. These bracelets will complement your cocktail dress or business suit, and create an impression of sophistication and luxury. With these delicately designed and constructed bracelets, with bold accents and chains, it is now easier for you to feel elegant on any occasion. When style and substance matter, let the bold and creative bracelets from Nordic Design Collective be your inspiration and guide.