Adorn your ears with some of the most exclusive designs from Nordic Design Collective. We have earrings for any occasion, suitable for any type of style. Choose from a range of precious metals and creative designs that can highlight your personality. Your ears, and you, will be the centre of attention with these beautiful earrings.

Earrings in Unique Designs

It’s time to select the perfect accessory for your ears, with a glittering collection from Nordic Design Collective. Our precious earrings boast some of the most exquisite Scandinavian designs. There is also a wide range of option to choose from: we have studs, drops and even ear chains, which are fast becoming a hot fashion trend. In this wonderful category of earrings, we have a premium collection that dazzles and shines.

Earrings for All Occasions

Whether it is for day-to-day wear, to attend a glitzy social event, or just an informal meet with friends and family, Nordic Design Collective has all bases covered. Our designers have worked with precious metals and embellished them with fine detail. There are also Plexiglas and porcelain options to add a bit of funk to your style.

The earrings available in this category promises one thing: they will complement your personal style, whatever that style is.

Stand Out

Nordic Design Collective’s earrings collection is a boost to your style. We have a variety of exclusive designs and colours that will complete your look. There are delicately carved Scandinavian shapes in gold that will demand everyone’s attention. There are exotic geometric patterns in silver that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd; the collection also includes colourful gem studs to add a splash of colour to your style. And there’s a lot more – style need not always be serious, so our creative designers have come up with earrings in the shape of playing dice, electronic circuit parts, Scandinavian cloud berries and even a Shar Pei-puppy. You can have a lot of fun with the various colours and shapes.