This collection of rings from Nordic Design is diverse and personal, thanks to the smart fusion of quality, creativity and a touch of Nordic influences. Choose from dozens of ring designs – from classic friendship and engagement rings to unique rings to suit your personal taste. Available in different materials from gold to silver, all rings are crafted with beauty and style in mind.

Rings in Unique Nordic Designs

Just like all other jewellery, rings are a great investment for individuals who have their own style, and want to stand out in a crowd. When properly handcrafted and polished, rings can help complement other pieces of jewellery, and can even complete your chosen outfit for the day. Rings can have many uses for different people – use rings as accents to your outfit, as a symbol of affection and commitment, or use rings to show off your personal style. Whatever your objective is, Nordic Design Collective can provide you with a diverse selection of rings, all crafted to express and impress.

Express yourself with unique rings

It’s time to show off the real you by choosing a ring from Nordic Design Collective. Prepared and crafted by independent designers that tap into both their Nordic and modern influences, these rings can serve as accessories to express yourself and make a statement. Most of the rings carry common, yet popular symbols including hearts and letters. There are also rings with unique symbols that can appeal to individuals with different lifestyles. Some of these designs include symbols inspired by keys from a keyboard and animal figures. Let your lifestyle be your guide in choosing the right ring for your mood.

Classic rings to show love and commitment

Classic rings that can be used to express love and commitment are also well-represented in this category of rings from Nordic Design Collective. If you want to impress your partner, or even if you want to propose, then the classic gold rings and diamond rings from this collection are ideal. Diamond rings set in 18k gold are available and can serve as the perfect gift for a loved one. Crafted to the highest quality standards, the rings from Nordic Design Collective are not just meant to impress, but to deliver sincere messages.