ceramics & porcelain

Set your table with a splash of style and sophistication, with the help of cups, mugs, plates, and containers from Nordic Design Collective. You will find exquisite hand painted ceramics in a collection as varied as your needs. Here you will find designs and colours for every occasion and every style.

Ceramics & Porcelain: Uniquely Nordic

All that you need to upgrade the style quotient of your kitchen is a touch of imagination. Nordic Design Collective presents a wide range of ceramics and porcelain crafted with more than just imagination by our talented independent designers. Not only that, but the colour and creativity of these beautiful ceramics will surely uplift your mood every time you use them.

Make A Style Splash

Imagine serving your best coffee in a mug that sports a pleasant pastel shade and a cute animal motif. Get compliments for both the quality of your caffeine and the choice of mug it is served in. Now imagine serving tea in a cup and saucer that has been hand painted with an exquisite design. Your guests will certainly be impressed, and curious as to where you got them. Part of the pleasure of sitting down for a comforting cup of tea or coffee is to enjoy these hot drinks from beautiful cups – such as the ones you will find in this category.

These are but a sample from our exclusive range of ceramics and porcelain. The designers have crafted dishes, cups and containers to serve your every need. With the ceramics and porcelain you will find at Nordic Design Collective, each and every meal can be eaten in style.

Trendy Tableware

In this category you will find a striking collection that will suit any kind of occasion. Whether it’s a warm, informal gathering, or a more formal dinner, we have a wide range of options that you can choose from. Our collection highlights the best of Scandinavian prints and colours and many items are inspired by the Nordic landscape and the clean, simple designs so characteristic of the region. Whatever your style preferences, we are sure you will find something for you in this category.