Trays can make or break the impression you want to create. Ditch the old designs and boring plastic for colourful motifs embellished on durable birch. Serve more than just food or drinks to your guests. Serve them your style quotient as well. Nordic Design Collective presents an exquisite range of trays to choose from.

Trays with Beautiful Motifs

Trays are an often-ignored item in the kitchen universe. Most people think of them as a means to serve guests and nothing more. At Nordic Design Collective we think differently.

Make or Break Impression

When you think about it, trays can often make or break the first impression that you want to create, especially when you have guests or friends over. If you serve food and drinks on a faded, cracking piece of plastic, it may not reflect well on you or your coolness quotient. But you need not worry; Nordic Design Collective is here to help you out.

Pitch Perfect Trays

The trays that you will find at our online store have been designed to impress. Our designers have done away with the ordinary, boring motifs and colours that you usually find. Instead, your eyes will be treated to exotic Scandinavian designs. Browse our catalogue and you will find a vast array of choices. What you will also find is the impeccable serving vessel that will perfectly suit your personality. Choose from pleasant Nordic prints that combine colour and geometric patterns in striking contrasts, or add a little bit of nature to your kitchen decor with Scandinavian floral designs. Look for our stunning landscapes laid out in full colour, or designs drawing upon wonderful architecture: You will find scenic rooftops as well as city skylines. The animal motifs are perhaps the most interesting from a design perspective. One of the most popular is a charcoal sketched tiger roaming a cobbled street. There are also colourful birds and marine life to choose from.

One thing we can assure you is that neither you nor your guests will be bored when looking at our Nordic trays.

Serve with Style

The time has come to serve your guests with panache. Log on to our online shop and select a tray that suits your style.