Perform multiple tasks with a single trivet. The trivets available at Nordic Design Collective can be used as coasters, as design props, and even as chopping boards. Our exquisite Scandinavian designs will certainly add to the style statement of your kitchen and dining table. A single trivet is all you need for a variety of tasks.

Trivets: Beautiful Nordic Designs

A trivet is one of the most interesting items to be found in the kitchen. It started off as a metal stand that would support hot vessels and protect the surface of the table. Over the years it has evolved from being just a stand to something that can be used for multiple purposes. An all-rounder, if you will.

The designers that Nordic Design Collective works with has maximized the potential of the traditional trivet by giving it an intelligent twist.

Intelligent Design

Our designers modified the old hot stand into something more millennial. Now you can use the trivets available at our online store to protect surfaces from steaming hot vessels, but also as a tray upon which to serve food and drinks, and as a cutting board on which to chop and dice. One single item with three practical purposes. The perfect choice if you want to get the most value for your money. But there is more to our trivets than just their practicality.

Artsy and Unique

The surface area of a trivet provides a unique canvas to express our best Scandinavian designs. Browse our collection and you will find a blend of artsy and inspirational motifs that will heighten the visual appeal of your kitchen decor. There are simple designs, colourful images, and even some truly abstract visuals. You will see beautiful birds, a peacock with its feathers in full display, as well as a variety of geometric patterns. Our designers have also experimented with shapes and sizes. Do not be surprised if you land on a trivet that looks like a vinyl record. Now imagine how cool that would look on your dining table or in your kitchen. Look for our unique triangular shaped trivet that displays the image of a typewriter. Trivets need not be trivial!


The trivets available at our online store represent the best of Scandinavian design combined with multitasking functionality. Check out the exclusive collection in this category.