Wrapping paper & tags

Browsing this category, you will find inspiring and colourful choices of wrapping paper and tags. Gift boxes and packages are never complete without the appropriate tags and wrapping paper. At Nordic Design Collective, you can find the right set of wrapping paper and tags that will help make your presents stand out from the crowd.

Wrapping Paper & Tags for Beautiful Gifts

If you are used to traditional and common gifts and packages, then now is the best time to make a change. Why not add a dash of style and character to your gift boxes, packages and invitations? These wrapping papers and tags are suitable for different occasions, and can also be helpful when preparing a party or an important gathering. The small cards carry creative designs and the choice colours can work as inspirational accents for any gift, from the usual wrapped boxes to champagne bottles. Just insert a string through the punched hole at the back of the card and you have an instant tag on which to write your special note, greeting or dedication. Gifts and packages become more meaningful when you add a card on which you can write your thoughtful messages.

Be playful – use tags designed by Nordic designers

The tags are available in different designs and colours, making these great additions to any arts and crafts project. Our independent designers at Nordic Design Collective tap into their creativity to create tags that your children and the inner child in you can use in school projects. These tags can also be used in crafting and designing party invitations and giveaways. The attention to detail given to designing and creating these tags will inspire you to create many other uses beyond the ordinary. The tags can also be used to mark belongings in your children’s bedrooms in the event you decide to redecorate or arrange their things.

Let your imagination and creativity be your guide in using these tags and paper wrapping. Preview and order some of the best wrapping paper and tags designed by our independent Nordic designers, inspired by nature and Nordic culture. Arts and crafts become more fun and liberating thanks to these creative products.